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Tulsa E-Commerce Services

MURCOM's Tulsa based Colocation facilities are great for Companies operating their own e-Commerce servers.  MURCOM does not directly offer e-Commerce Services, we provide the foundation services for businesses that require e-Commerce services.  Many of MURCOM's clients run their own e-Commerce servers or use e-Commerce hosting services provided by some of MURCOM's Web Design/Hosting Services clients.

Customer Testimonial:
MegaWatts Computers
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"MegaWatts.com is a very popular Internet e-Commerce site which specializes in marketing new, used, and refurbished Apple and PC computer products.  We used other hosting services in the past but found that we needed more security and control of our hosting environment.  The Apple Xserve was our choice as our techs know the Apple hardware and OS inside and out.  Since we moved our Xserve into MURCOM's facilities our e-Commerce sites have been more manageable, reliable, secure, and cost effective.  I'd recommend the MURCOM facilities to any business that is serious about e-Commerce."

Doug Watts

MURCOM's Colocation Services are ideal for companies that demand unsurpassed reliability for their e-Commerce business.  Here are some of the reasons to make MURCOM your e-Commerce facility.

  • High Speed: MURCOM has a 155MBs OC3 direct fiber optic Carrier Internet Connection & a 45MBs DS3 Carrier Internet Connection.  High speed and low latency.
  • High reliability: No local loops and redundant Carriers equates to 100% network availability
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Usage: Pick your speed, use all you want
  • Pure Bandwidth: No dial-up, DSL, or other access to dilute bandwidth
  • No Bandwidth Oversubscription: Pay for 10MBs, you get 10MBs
  • Redundant Carriers: Facilities bandwidth provided by two Tier 1 Carriers
  • Carrier Cross Connects: Over 100 fiber, coax, and copper pairs installed, terminated, tested and available to multiple Carriers
  • No Local Loops: Less than 400 feet of cable to any Carrier's POP
  • Backup Generator Power: Multiple UPSs plus on-site diesel power generator
  • Power Range: 110, 208, and 480 Volt power available
  • Redundant Cooling:  Dual cooling units
  • SDT Floors: New technology Static Dissipative Tile flooring
  • APC NetShelter VX 47U Cabinets: 47U high and 42 inches deep allows for newer, deep depth rack-mount servers
  • Metered PDUs: Digital power display on Power Distribution Units
  • Manned Security: 24 Hour manned security, 365 days a year
  • Video Security: Over 40 cameras monitored by Manned Security record 24 Hours a day on Digital Video Recorders in and around MURCOM facilities
  • Accessibility: 24 Hour access to your equipment
  • Biometric Door Locks: Fingerprint activated locks control access to both MURCOM facilities
  • Dock Level: New facility at dock level enables forklift deliveries from truck to facility
  • Freedom of Choice: Use Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Dell, IBM, HP, or any OS or hardware that meets your requirements.
  • Easy Growth Path: Grow from 1U to 10 racks if needed
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction: In a recent independent customer survey 100% of our polled clients gave us 5 out of 5 stars for overall satisfaction
  • Non Compete: We do not offer web hosting services that would compete with our clients
  • Business Stability: 12 Consecutive Years of Internet services
  • Tulsa Based: If your equipment needs to be in Tulsa, it is here

The list above highlight key points from MURCOM's two Data Centers. Tulsa based MURCOM offers colo space from 1U of rackspace, half racks, full racks, custom caged areas, or custom built high security mini data centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why doesn't MURCOM directly offer e-Commerce services?
A:  The majority of MURCOM's e-Commerce clients are tech savvy companies that have their own in-house technical staff.  These tech savvy clients usually need very specific hardware, software, and custom applications that they must support and maintain.  These circumstances make colocation of their e-Commerce servers into a Data Center such as MURCOM's an obvious choice.

Q: Who do you recommend for e-Commerce services?
A: MURCOM recommends that you use one of these customers that colocate with us:

Q: What does MURCOM charge to provide colo for web servers?
A: We have a number of typical packages on our Colocation page.  If these packages do not suite your application, we will provide a custom quote for any colo configuration you request.

Q: Does MURCOM provide the servers?
A: No.  We give our colo clients the Freedom of Choice to use any OS, any Server, any type of equipment that best suits their needs.  We'll provide you with colo space and bandwidth of unsurpassed quality.  You provide the hardware and software of your choice.

Q: What if I want to colo a server with quad processors and tera bytes of RAID disks?  Do you charge more if I use powerful servers?
A: No & Yes.  Unlike other colo providers that may charge you a higher fee if you have a server with more RAM or RAID, we charge by the amount of rackspace and electrical power the server uses, not by the computing capacity of the server.  We charge the same price for a 1U Celeron server with 128Meg and 20 Gig Drive as we do for a 1U Dual 3Mhz Xeon with 4Gigs of RAM and 500Gig of RAID Drives.  The rackspace and bandwidth would be the same but you would probably have to pay an extra $34 for the additional electrical power required for the more powerful server.  If you need to colo small or monster servers, MURCOM probably will save you money over the other providers.  A number of MURCOM's clients have recently upgraded their servers to more powerful yet smaller servers and have saved monthly colo fees by doing this.

Q: Does MURCOM provide any server administrative support?
A: Yes.  Your colo service includes remote hands of our techs.  They will assist you remotely if you need simple things such as a reboot, moving a network cable, or some other simple function.  MURCOM techs do not offer hardware replacement, installation, or software installation services.

Q: Are your facilities really in Tulsa, Oklahoma?
A: Yes.  Unlike other companies that you may find when you search with "Tulsa Colocation", MURCOM is located in Tulsa.  Most of the others that you may find do not have facilities in Tulsa or even in Oklahoma.  If you need access to your equipment in Tulsa, it is here.

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